Bombsquad was established in September 2011 by Romar Lamano.

"I'm gonna build my own basketball team" - Romar on why he decided to establish a family.

Though we are Pilipino based, we are multi-cultural and as a family from PASA, we empower our members to reach their full potential with their life ambitions. 
We're bomb af 💣



I initially joined PASA to expand my network. As a transfer student at a commuter school, it was difficult adjusting to a new school. I ended up joining the Kapatid program by chance after participating in PCN. I am grateful that I decided to join. I became very involved in PASA/school events because of my kuya and twin from bombsquad. Being part of PASA not only provided me a unique bond with the Pilipino-American community on campus, but it also provided me with a second family. One who continues to support me even after having graduated and becoming an alumni. Being part of bombsquad is truly a blessing, they aren’t just my friends, they’re my family. In our fam, we strive to better ourselves in every aspect, whether it be in academics or in our personal lives. As a fam, we continuously encourage and support one another. We were paired into our families by chance, but we became a family by choice. I love my squad!
— Darlene Megino