Chase Fam


Chase Fam was established in October 2010 by E.C. Garcia and P.J. Aledo.

E.C. and P.J. on why they started Chase Fam. "Honestly, it wasnt by choice. Since I was the social coordinator at the time, by default, we had to pick up an ading since we were in Core."

The primary reason why students attend college is because they aspire to become what they feel that they were born to do. The name "ChaseFam" was founded when #s 1-4 were having lunch at Bronco's in the very back left booth. We began to ask ourselves "what do we stand for" or "why are we here." Then it dawned on us. We enrolled at CSUEB to achieve one goal- to CHASE our dreams. Since then, as we gain another brother or sister we not only provide guidance for personal growth but we push one another to CHASE what their main goal might be professionally or academically in that given moment. We fluently speak the language of sarcasm and have the ability to understand it even better. We create a family-oriented environment that makes one realize things about that person he or she never even about his or herself. This description may not do our family justice but if you take a look at us, it's obvious that the camaraderie between our brothers and sisters is forever endless. #Chase4lyf

I joined the Kapatid Program to meet new people and make some friends, but instead, I found a family. Being a part of ChaseFam is like having a family outside of my own because of the experiences we have, the times we cherish and the memories we make. I wouldn’t have met some of my best friends if it weren’t for this opportunity and to be honest, I don’t regret it one bit. Being a part of ChaseFam gave me an outlet to be me and blessed me with an experience to help and encourage others, younger and older, to CHASE our dreams. That’s the beauty of ChaseFam.
— Thien Pham