Community & Political Chair 2016-2017


Kamille De Guzman

As Community & Political Affairs Chair, my main focus for this year is to: Never take our heritage for granted. Majority of us here were brought up “Americanized” and have always idolized the perfect idea of the American Dream. We might’ve grew up on this social stigma but we mustn’t forget that our previous ancestors; the hard work of generations, have fought for us to have this life. Thus, this is why our lives shouldn’t be taken for granted. We shouldn’t lose touch of our roots. Our culture and sense of community is our basis to bring us in unity, educate, and bring awareness in this generation. With that said, my main project for this school year is the Filipino Heritage Studies (FHS) x PASA Mentorship Program. This program works to educate the youth, specifically High School students, about Fil-Am/Filipinx History while hopefully inspiring them that they could be proud of their culture and who they are. Its true of what they say: KNOW HISTORY, KNOW SELF. NO HISTORY, NO SELF. Our knowledge about our heritage shouldn’t be limiting to us, but shared with anyone we could. With PASA alone, I hope that everyone will be pleased to what’s to come this year from the Community & Political Affairs Chairs. We look forward to seeing you for our upcoming programs, workshops, events, and surprises we have in store for you!

I was first introduced by this organization by my best friend and now PR, Anthony Gamez. He told me great things about PASA, but I honestly didn’t think much of it until I was approached by someone during tabling. I don’t even recall the name of the person I was talking too, neither do I remember what we were even talking about, but I did remember that they made me feel very welcome and what’s more, gave me even higher hopes for a great first year. Fast forward to Kapatid Revealing, I was extremely nervous and excited at the same time. My thoughts exactly: “Wow there’s so many fams in this room, Hmm when are they gonna call my name, Maybe they forgot me.. lol”. But they didn’t forget me lol, I had the most memorable night because I was paired with the best ate ever, along with my twin, in the most supportive, crazy, and loving fam. I will love my Royals forever, they are and will always will be a great part of my college success and the reason why I strive harder for my goals. Throughout my first year, I was thankful to take part in SPUF for Friendship Games and honored to sing the Pilipinx National Anthem for PASAlubong, Pilipinx Cultural Night, and Pilgrad. But most importantly, I’m beyond grateful to have interned for CORE. Interning for Core was one of the best decisions I made my freshman year. I learned to always remember to put your heart and soul into whatever you put your mind to and to most importantly, inspire others by leading with love. Thank you COREisma and AyNaCORE for making me the person I am today. From then on, my instilled passion drove me to pursue a position as PASA’s Community Chair and Associated Students’ Director of Programming. I remember feeling so crushed after receiving the results then after. But I knew I had to do persevere and if given another chance; would want to lead with the idea of putting others before myself. It was hard moving on past that, but I knew I had to push through, never give up, and believe in who I was again. An entire year later and here I am; An Ate with 2 beautiful, intelligent adings, 1/2 of PASA’s Community and Political Affairs Chair ’16-17, but more significantly, an abundance of unforgettable memories that will be treasured for a lifetime. For as long as the friends, love, and support I’ve received are kept deeply within me, the journey with PASA will never end.