Elite Fam was established in April 2015 by Joshua Borban.

"Personally. I didn't mind finding an ate/Kuya or an ading. I was just looking for someone to connect with. Whether it was one or the other. When they told me I was creating my own family, I got excited because I would be founding a new fam. Getting my first two adings, Josh and Jose was something that really got me motivated to connect with the people around me."         - Joshua Borban

Elite Fam currently has four people and two active members in PASA.

The reason I joined was to find someone who I can connect with and it has made me love PASA even better now that Iā€™m in a fam with a Kuya, twin, and triplet. Hopefully in the fall, I get to become a Kuya picking an ading or two.
— Josh Ocampo