Fam de sal

Fam de sal was established by Rossel Curaming in Fall 2014.

Rossel on how Fam de sal was created. “It's interesting because I was not planning on joining the kapatid program at all.  One day during Friendship Games practice, something randomly clicked inside of me. The next thing I knew, Fam de Sal was born!!”

Each individual adds their own special flavor to our family whether it be quirkiness, intellect, humor, etc. Each flavor blends together that makes our bond strong and HELLA GOOOOOD! (Oh, and we like to eat)

The Kapatid Program brought me a little closer to PASA. Fam de Sal is pretty diverse and the members constantly show that race and ethnicity has nothing to do with building a family. It’s all about giving love and being willing to receive the love that’s given. I don’t think I’ll ever regret filling out the application/survey in becoming an Ate.