Flex Fam was established in 2014 by James Tran.

James Tran created Flex Fam, "to bring together likeminded people that love to get active and fit."

Flex Fam welcomes everyone who likes to get active! What we offer new adings a supportive environment where they are encouraged to pursue and reach their goals. Whether it be fitness goals, educational goals or anything else, we at Flex Fam are ready to help you achieve what you want to achieve. We're always up to something and always ready to accept new adings, just be ready to be asked to go to the gym A LOT and to go on random adventures A LOT!

I wanted to be more social and contribute more to PASA, so I did the Kapatid program and could not be happier being placed into Flex Fam! it makes going to school more fun knowing that I can always hit up my ateh. Im looking forward to becoming a Kuya to an ading (or hopefully adings) and helping flex fam grow!
— Aaron Basuel