Function fam

Function Fam was established in 2010 by Ryan Robles.

Function (noun):

1. an activity or purpose natural to or intended for a person or thing
2. a group of unique individuals with bonds that make us a family

What a lot of people within and outside of our fam can say about us is that we definitely know how to enjoy ourselves, but we’re also each other’s support system both in the crazy, fun and all-time-low times. We may not hangout altogether as often as some other fams do, but we’re there for each other. Although, if we do get to get together, it’s guaranteed to be a good time.

Bottom line is, we out here tryna function. Are you?


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“We are goal-driven individuals who support each other with positive feedback regarding each other’s successes… We work hard to play hard.”
-Karen Bales

“You can have quality or you can have quantity, but when you have both, it’s a function.”
-Kendrick Ladao

“F(x) is that family that may barely hangout as a whole, but when we get together, we always down to function as a real family.”
-Anthony Dinh

I lived in the dorms my freshman year of college, and in all honesty, it was tough starting fresh, meeting people I didn’t click with, and feeling alone. I got homesick a lot. However, thanks to the kapatid program, I was able to find my home way from home: Function Fam. Function Fam to me is literally fam goals. We like to clown on one another by making memes, support each other’s dreams and accomplishments, stay close by having family get togethers, and overall enjoy each other’s company and have a good time! Work hard, play hard. “We out here tryna function.” In all seriousness, though, there is a lot of us, but it’s almost impossible to get lost or forgotten in f(x) with all of these loving people
— Jastine Bugayong