Kapatid Director


Jomarie Ching

As this year’s Kapatid Director, I would want to continue to have our PASA family together. Even though we are placed in different families or is not put into one, I would still like to emphasize that we are all part of PASA as one big "Pamilya".

PASA’s Open House introduced me to the Kapatid Program. At that time, I had no clue how this program was going to change my college experience. Looking back now, it was one of the best decisions I have made. Being put into a specific family does not limit the bonds you can have with other families in the Kapatid Program. My job entails pairing many potential “ading” (little sister/brother) to the best “Ate/Kuya” (older sister/older brother) that can help them grow as an individual and also feel welcomed by the existing Kapatid Family that this “ading” would be a part of. My freshman year, I was put into a family called Bombsquad and got paired up with kuya Arvin. Little did he know that during our hang out and talks about PASA, he inspired me to be involved. In 2014-2015, I applied for the internship program and got in. I shadowed AyNaCore’s Secretary, Norma and she made me feel like her little sister by giving me helpful advices during hard times. I was then nominated and became a part of CORE’s 2015-2016 as a Secretary. I was so thankful for my COREazon family because they do not only inspire me to become the best version of myself but to serve the PASA community with your whole heart. I have been blessed again to be a part of this year’s CORE 2016-2017 as a Kapatid Director.