Legendary Fam


Legendary Fam Was established in 2012 by  Kevin Medina.

Kevin on why he made Legendary Fam. "The president at the time allowed me to make my own family, so I took the opportunity to do so. I based the fam off the hit tv series, 'How I Met Your Mother'. Legendary fam was created to form a type of bond that I didn't really get from other groups. I figured that whatever you do in this life or at East Bay, it's not Legendary unless your friends are there to see it."

A bunch of sexy af pineapples trynna make a living. 

But besides that, we're a group of individuals that will undeniably be there to welcome people in our Legendary fam or overall PASA fam. We care for one another and genuinely treat each other like family by being there for them and spending quality time together. We're there for each other through the good times and the bad times. Because family don't give up on each other. That's what makes us so Legendary.

I joined Kapatid Program cause I thought the concept of having a family, while being away from mine, sounded ideal. I saw it as a way to have a place of belonging and someone to go to whenever I needed anything. I thought being in a family would help me to grow as a person, student, and direct me toward paths I wouldn’t think to look at.

The impact it has had to me, well, I knew I came to east bay for a reason, despite occurrences that happened, and now I know it was so I could have my family I have now. My family is not limited to legendary fam alone, although they mean the world to me, but I have people all around me whom I know I can trust and love and not feel judged. I know now that the impact of the Kapatid program had and has on me in everyday life will affect my life from now on. And for that, I am forever grateful. There are so many people now I can call my family because of this program. Whether they’re legendary or not. :)
— Norma Horario