What is PilipinX consciousness night?

    Pilipinx Consciousness Night, or PCN for short, is a theatrical production in which we promote Pilipinx awareness and the different issues our students and families face within society. The planning, writing, acting, dancing, directing, and technical work are all accomplished by the students who pretty much build this production from the ground up. PCN is an annual spring tradition that PASA of CSUEB has kept since our very first production back in 1972. This is an event that not only our members look forward to, but everyone looks forward to at the end of the school year. 

   If you are interested in acting or dancing then we welcome you to join us. Even if you don't want to perform we have other jobs that need to be filled as well. We have a tech crew that helps not only to plan, build, and paint the sets that will be used on stage, but they also help behind the scenes during the show to run the lights and sound, move props around, and help the cast with whatever they need. The committees we'll have besides performing and tech crew are security, marketing, finance, and wardrobe.

   PCN classes start in the Winter and also run through Spring to help prepare for this huge event. These classes also count towards Area F towards graduation. 

PCN 2018 - Relatable


Program Description

"Joseph Richard Zamora, or JR, is a happy-go-lucky guy with the opportunity of a lifetime, or so he thought. After graduating from business school, he was granted citizenship in America through a working visa an he decides to temporarily leave everything behind in efforts to start a new life for him and his wife, Jennika. He stays with his Auntie Curley and little cousin RJ, in Daly City. After losing his job and his work visa is revoked,  JR remains in America undocumented with his hopes for a better life still high but no sense of direction. This play addresses the current political climate with threats towards the immigrant community." 



Program Description

"This year's story is about a 9 year old named Gabby, who packs her bags to come to the United States with her parents on a tourist visa. Young and clueless, Gabby will take an unexpected journey through life as an undocumented immigrant in the United States."

PCN 2016 - THE I-hotel: We wont move

Closing night of the 44th annual PCN " The I-Hotel: We Won't Move  " , first time renamed to Pilipinx Consciousness Night.

Closing night of the 44th annual PCN "The I-Hotel: We Won't Move", first time renamed to Pilipinx Consciousness Night.

Program Description

"Who was once a young aspiring writer and driven activist, Daisy Santos, comes to visit a classroom to speak of her time working with the I-Hotel.  She recollects the memories through the eyes of her fellow activist, law enforcement, nasty corporations, and especially the lionhearted Manongs of the I-Hotel. She speaks fondly of a childhood friendship with a young man, Roy, who was blinded by his family's wishes to assimilate.  Daisy acted as a guide to him and many others towards understanding the importance of those who fought for us to be where we are today.  This story is of the long battle between the diverse community of Manilatown SF and money driven corporations that wanted to take them down.  The I-Hotel symbolizes a time in Filipinx Hxstory that unified an entire community through the rise and fall of those who were involved.

We are here today to tell the story that history books have failed to recognize."

Shoutout to PrintingCenterUSA who prints our programs! They have great service, affordable prices and printed an amazing catalog for us for this year's PCN. Thank you PrintingCenterUSA!

PCN 2015 - The Nightwalker

Closing night of the 43rd annual Pilipino Cultural Night (PCN) "The Night Walker."

Closing night of the 43rd annual Pilipino Cultural Night (PCN) "The Night Walker."

Program Description

"Once upon a time there was a royal family from the Luzon Island.  To the people of their island, they were perceived as the perfect family, but as perfect as they seemed they had their dark secrets. Prince Felipe is the next heir of the throne, and is soon turning 21.  Waning to be free, he is held back by the Queen.  She is worried for Felipe to know the truth of the real world outside the palace gates.  But one night, Felipe starts to sleepwalk again and goes further than the palace gates discovering things of his past, future, and the secrets of the unknown."