PCN Acting Director


Nelssy Verdan

Because of what PASA has given me emotionally, spiritually, mentally, I am determined to give back. I want to accomplish many things as PCN Director, and on top of that list is to create, coordinate, and direct an amazing Pilipinx Consciousness Night this year. I know it seems like my position is limited to just PCN, but I plan to be all-hands-in on other PASA events and be the greatest team-player I can be to our core this year. I want to lead with love, inspire our general members, especially the newcomers, and show them how amazing this org is. I can't wait for this year to play out!

My name is Nelssy! I am this year's PCN (acting) Director. It's crazy to say this because I feel like I've come so far in my PASA journey. Coming into East Bay, I didn't really expect to fall in love with an organization this much. I was just going to see the waters, but then I dove right in. PASA re-introduced me to my roots and for that I'm forever thankful. I learned to appreciate my skin and culture, and to seek out more knowledge about my history. As a freshman, I was active all year, joined friendship games, acted in PCN, and was part of the internship program. After that year, I ran for the position of Social Coordinator. Unfortunately, I didn't get the position. However, it didn't stop me from seeking out opportunities and making amazing relationships with great people. My second year, I realized this is where I belong, and the people here are MY people. I was again active in friendship games, etc. I was blessed enough to land the part of Daisy in last year's PCN, "We Won't Move." Because of my journey in PASA, especially in PCN, I decided to run for PCN Director. With trust from the members, I'm able to take advantage of this opportunity to better myself as a leader, as well as give back to this org I call home.



Edward (Edd) Anthony Laya

With this position of PCN Dance Director, I want to show how my experiences throughout college can be an asset to making this PCN great, while also keeping the level of performance the same and even better than years before. I have heard how stressful being one of the Directors may be, but that just means the end result will be that more rewarding.

I am a Fifth Year Industrial Engineering Major, who aspires to become an Architect and an Interior/Exterior Designer. My passions include playing the Saxophone, Guitar, and Bass, and I love performing. I feel that I can express my feelings even more through music and that is where my motivation comes from. My first encounter with PASA was during my First Year of College, but my journey started off my Second Year of College, when I was picked up by my Ate, Angelica Soliman for Bomb Squad. From there I slowly transitioned into the events that PASA had to offer such as various holiday events and gatherings. It was during my Fourth Year, when I picked up an Ading and joined PCN, it made me realize that I wanted to do even more for this Organization, and not just stay a General Member. I believe there will always be something amazing about PASA, no matter how long you become a member.

One last thing I want to say is please do not be a stranger, and say hi! I would love to meet all members of PASA, just so I can make these wonderful connections. Anyone can join PCN, and your skills and talents would be greatly appreciated in the Winter and Spring. See you all there!