Michelle Anne Nelmida

As Public Relations Officer alongside my co, I'd like to encourage students to become involved with PASA. What our organization has done and will do for the Pilipinx community will only keep growing. Through social media and connecting with other communities inside and outside of campus, I want to contribute to PASA by continuing the legacy that past leaders have achieved and welcome everybody into our family. Graphic Design and Digital Art have always been interests of mine and I'm honored to be given a platform where I can put my creative ideas out there as well.

Hi, I'm Michelle Anne Nelmida. I'm a 2nd year Pre-Nursing major at CSUEB. I was born and raised in the Bay Area. I really enjoy singing, music has pretty much shaped my life growing up. I also like to go on adventures and see what the world has to offer as much as possible despite any barriers. My journey in PASA began during Fall Quarter of my freshman year. Although I was a bit hesitant and shy to come out to a few events, I was interested in the Kapatid Program not knowing that this organization would become a big importance in my college life. Through surrounding myself by more people in PASA, their support has helped me become confident in myself to be able to perform at our big events like PASAlubong and PCN. I think what this organization offers to its members is beautiful. From being put into a family and having my Kuya mentor and guide me, PASA has helped me grow as an individual and I hope to inspire future adings and leaders. This organization has also made me realize the social issues in the world that actually matter and need to be talked about more. I've become more driven to never stop knowing my roots of Pilipinx culture and hxstory. Through PASA, I feel accepted for who I am and I've found a family outside of home.

You'll always hear me singing everywhere I go :-) If you're into music as much as I am, let's jam sesh.

Anthony Jun Gamez

With my position as one of your Public Relations Officer, I'd like to do my best to promote PASA and its events to the CSUEB community and our general members and alliances off campus. I want to make sure everyone feels welcomed to talk to me or any other CORE member and to know and feel that PASA is their family. I want everyone to know what is going on with PASA, from our big events to our little events. Informing others of PASA is what I want to achieve, PASA is nothing without its members.

Hi Everyone, My Name is Anthony Jun Gamez. I am a 3rd year here at CSUEB. My major is Graphic Design. And I like singing, eating and vlogging. I am always down for venturing! I started off PASA, by coming to fall open house my freshmen year and received the most loving and welcoming vibes from PASA since the start. From there I decided to intern for PASA and was a part of COREisma. I can't thank Mama Megan (Ay Na CORE, President) for all the PASA love and skills she taught us. She truly was a big reason I wanted to do CORE. Since freshmen year, I know and can see the growth in myself, with myself, with others, and lastly with PASA.