Royal Fam was established in October 2009 by Mary Ann Maripon and officially named in 2012.

“I was Core's Social Coordinator when we first started Kapatid Program and I thought it would be exciting to start my very own family! The idea behind the Kapatid program was to be like a mentor to new members and to help them in a way only a Kuya or Ate would. I wanted to be somebody that an ading could look up to, ask for advice, or just hang out with. It felt nice knowing that by starting my own family, I would have a legacy that would continue through my adings from the impact they make in PASA and anything else they choose to succeed in. Whatever they achieve together as a group and even as individuals makes me feel like I am still connected to them in a way. I am super proud of where the Kapatid Program brought my family and our other families! I hope these relationships will last and keep everyone connected not only through CSUEB but beyond it as well.“ - Mary Ann Maripon

Our family is full of people who are very studious, hardworking, and passionate in what they love to do. Majority are artists in different fields: dance, singing, art, music, etc. We value the concept of family, spending time with one another, and having fun as we create memories to look back on.

I was new to CSUEB Hayward in 2013. Although I began at the Concord Campus in 2012, switching over to Hayward felt like I had to start all over again- especially because I came from a different city and I literally only knew just a couple people in Hayward. My cousin was a Core member in PASA at the time, and one of the many reasons why I joined PASA was because I saw that he also took part in the club’s version of a Big Brother/Big Sister program: the Kapatid Program. I always wanted to be a part of something like this ever since I saw my own Ates’ and Kuyas’ go off to college. I’ve been an Ate since the day my sister was born, and further more once my two other siblings came into this world. I knew in my heart that this was my calling to not only make new friends, but find family. And I sure did. Today, I have something more to look forward to rather than just a commute to school. I have them. I found Ates, Kuyas, Siblings, and Adings that are similar and different than I, and yet we all connect together in a unique, and special way. Our similarities helped us easily know each other better, but our differences challenged us to see and learn something new. Each and every one of them is dear to me, and I love them very much! I am truly blessed to be a part of Royal Fam.
— Jenirae Hitosis