Social Coordinators 2016-2017


Daisy Maxion

As a Social Coordinator, I hope to continue a live, welcoming atmosphere throughout my whole term. PASA should be a place of acceptance, love, culture, and good times. I hope to welcome people, to inspire people to break out of their shell, to empower people to learn more about the Filipino culture, and to make them really feel how extraordinary this organization can be for them. I hope to accomplish all these things while handling the logistics of Friendship Games and Winter Formal, hosting social events, and leading fundraisers alongside with my co, Carmela.

I'm currently a second year student, with a major in Health Science Administration and Management at Cal State East Bay. So this means that I spend most of my time at the library crouched over a computer, completing last minute assignments, and eating those Hot Cheetos Fries like it's air like any other normal college student. But besides my academic life, I really enjoy spending my time with my family, friends and dogs. As cliché as it sounds, I actually really do love being surrounded by people (&dogs) I cherish the most. And this ties in with my journey being in PASA. This association made such an impact in my life that I decided to run for one of the positions on CORE. Throughout most of my freshman year, I was an intern for Ate Cat and COREazon and those group of people were just the most amazing, hardworking, and passionate group of people that in my eyes, were my goals. And my goals weren't that hard to reach with my fellow intern group, Ay COREamba. They too were a group of individuals that'll never be replaced in my heart. The many people in PASA had overall inspired me to be authentic, compassionate, and confident in myself.

Um, I really like Lauryn Hill and mangos.

Carmela Paredes

As social coordinator, I don't just want to help coordinate social events with my co; I want to help put together experiences where people can feel welcome, be themselves, make strong friendships, feel empowered and eventually realize their ability to make a difference. It would be amazing to have people enjoy the events my co and I help put on with our CORE, but it would be the most rewarding thing to have people learn that PASA is their support system and their family and that we believe in all they can accomplish, as they should.

When I first attended freshmen orientation, I was so excited to sign up for PASA. I had heard so many great things about it from a close family friend, who had been a very active member of PASA while at East Bay, and immediately wanted to join. But, despite having friends with me from high school who were going to go with me on the quest to find this alleged unbelievable and life-changing organization, I was scared. I mean I was a nervous, extremely awkward and self conscious first year. Thankfully, my friend was right, and I'm no longer a nervous first year. Maybe still a little awkward and self conscious, but being in PASA has changed my life and continues to push me to work to become a better person and to help to make the community better every single day. Honestly, joining PASA is probably one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life. I never knew I could meet such a hardworking, selfless and COREageous group of individuals who inspire me so much. I can't wait for another amazing year!

I love to binge watch on Netflix with my family, watch corgi videos with my dog, Bear, eat food, window shop (trying to save for that broke college student life ykno), and be awkward with my friends, while making new friends! :)