TREASURER 2016-2017


Aaron Celestino Redila

What I want to accomplish as being Treasurer on CORE, is that I want, not only the new-comers, but the general members, to love and feel inspired about their culture. Growing up, I grew up in a town where Filipinos were pretty much non-existent and I felt that I was losing connection to my history and culture. The Filipinx community was never represented in my town and I felt like an outsider because people wouldn’t understand the culture I come from. I want people to know that learning about past and present Filipinx-American Hixtory makes us more aware of the world around us, pushes us to know who we really are and why we live each day the way that we do. Also, I find being on CORE a guide to self-improvement and I want to accomplish on how to become a better person in the present and in the many years to come.

I’m a second year student here at East Bay majoring in Health Science optioning in Pre-Clinical Preparation. My hometown is Merced, a little town in the Central Valley. I value my family and they push me to achieve all my aspirations and dreams. Besides being a determined and hardworking student, I make time for myself and social life. I love longboarding, laughing, food, listening to different genres of music, hanging out with friends/family, going on spontaneous trips and having self-guided adventures. Towards the end of high school, I turned to photography and art as a way to express myself and keep me away from all my problems and I still continue these interests in college. Overall, I’m just a really adventurous, laid-back and good vibes kind of guy willing to have new beginnings, new friends, new experiences and new memories. All in my first year, I started out as a general member, then I was an intern under AY COREamba and now I am on CORE. I joined PASA to not only keep in touch of my roots and culture, but I wanted to know how it felt to be around people who loved Filipino culture. Also, I wanted to have a group of people that I can call my Family, and I couldn’t ask for more. Every experience I have with PASA, is something to always cherish and remember.

What's life without Wingstop, 90's R&B/Hip-Hop, adventures, jogging, watermelons, aesthetic pictures, EDM and good vibes?