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Worldwide was established in October 2009 by John Urbano.

“PASA of CSUEB didn't have an active kapatid program during that time. I was the Historian at the time for HARDCore 2009-2010 and as a CORE we thought it was the perfect time to start one.” - John Urbano

Each and everyone one of us come from different backgrounds and cities, but in the end we all come together as one family. Worldwide.

I joined the Kapatid program during my freshmen year in hopes to get some friends in college. That definitely holds true today. They taught me how important it is to put in effort in frienships. No effort = no bond. My PASA experience would not be the way it is without the bond I have with these people.
— Christian Legaspi
Growing up, I only grew up around my older and younger sister, so I didn’t have an older brother figure in my life. Joining the Kapatid Program, I wanted to have a Kuya to look up to, to hang out with, to get advice from etc. The list can go on and on, but I eventually got a Kuya and I couldn’t ask for more. Not only did I want to have a Kuya, I wanted to build relationships with people that are beyond just being friends, and I got that in Worldwide. The Kapatid Program impacts my college experience because I know I have mentors not only in Wordwide, but in other familys too, I have friends that I can call family, I have people that can help me strive for my goals and I have people I can depend on no matter the circumstance. I really can’t ask for more in Worldwide. We are all different in our own ways, but we always have and make the time to have fun and just be a really loving family. We always make every hangout/kickback a good time and every experience with Worldwide is something to remember. I will always remember my WA-WA-WA-Worldwide Fam beyond my college career.
— Aaron Redila